Significant in this list are changes of venues for two old established shows. Manchester Airport has closed its conference facility so the Manchester show is moving to a hotel in nearby Altrincham. This follows the East Midlands show relocating to Hucknall Airfield - this was on June 23 – notice was received too late for the March issue. Similarly the Heathrow-Feltham show has outgrown its Feltham School site and the next show on November 10th will be at Kempton Park Racecourse.

Known aviation shows are:


6/8 July AI2007 Kansas City Mo, USA . Organiser for 2007 is US member Chris Slimmer.
15 July Brooklands Aero/Auto Jumble
9 Sep Berlin Schonefeld Airport
22 Sep Redhill airshow/collectors show
22 Sep Prague. Airport
6 Oct Luton Vauxhall recreation Club   
14 Oct Manchester . Cresta Court Hotel Altrincham
Nov 3/4 Frankfurt Schwanheim Village
Nov 10 Kempton Park Racecourse – previously Feltham



Although there are a few other Internet auction sites, Ebay is the market leader by a long way, and acts accordingly, so its recent policy changes are significant. As mentioned last time, listings on no longer show automatically on the USA site and vice-versa. The effect of this is multiplied by the fact that many UK early users registered on when it was the only site available. For UK users the only way to see all the available items that satisfy your search criteria is to ALWAYS use the Advanced Search feature and specify location Worldwide OR “see all items available to the UK”.

For any members who sell on Ebay it is more of a problem. You have to choose which site to list on based on your expectation of where the demand is – so either or .com. You potentially lose competition between Uk and overseas buyers. The only action available is to insert text to advise buyers to modify their search method as above, or direct them to the other site that you may have listings on. Of course this dilution of international competition can work in favour of members buying. This may have helped the Mexican item overpage come to the UK, although a certain ambiguity as to its condition may also have deterred the “usual suspects” who bid big money for Latin American photographic cards.


The card in question is of a Boeing 247 XA-DIZ of Servicios Aereos Balnecanios(?) at Ixtapan. It may be an airline or airport issue. The airline does not appear in “Airlines of Latin America” and is not listed as an owner of XA-DIZ in the B247 history. It was ex NC13307 Varney Airlines, Boeing Air Transport and United Airlines – then to Wyoming Air Service and Inland Airlines, taken over by the USAAF and disposed of to LAMSA Mexico and 4 subsequent Mexican owners, excluding the one shown, returning to the US as a sprayer in 1956.

Meanwhile 1920 s  (Eastern Air Transport ) and 1960 s (American – large size) US Stewardess cards made £40 and £15 respectively. Note that the Eastern image is not of the actual card auctioned but from a poor copy due to a problem with downloading the Ebay image.


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