Firstly apologies for the delay in producing the last print edition. Events just got in the way hope it is worth the wait. On-line, 2009 passwords remain valid for this issue .Currently , 50 have signed up for the On-Line Club. The breakdown is UK 28 Europe 9 North America 13 Australia 1 Japan 1. Not all members known to have E-mail have stayed but 50 is a viable number and it may be possible to recruit more collectors for whom postal costs or language were a problem. I have not yet experimented in putting a complete old newsletter through translation software but one test article came out looking at least sensible in German which increasing seems to be a major language of the hobby.

Just a few have communicated their intention to discontinue, mostly due to lack of computer capability the majority have just faded away.

So, what to expect next ? Our Web constructor Andy Hutchings has not been able to give much time to assisting me in re-thinking the format due to family matters, so the first on-line issue after this will be a one-off to publish the much-delayed Imperial Airways list with a selection of images. As old club members contributed to this, the password will not change until after that update

I guess it just remains for me to thank those supporting the new venture and to Phil for setting up the Club way back then. This issue will look back over some old issues via the cards that featured therein , concentrating on those for before the digital era, as those can be found in the www.aviapc.com archive.

Having gone through closing down the print newsletter and a delayed start up to the new, it is hoped there is now light at the end of the tunnel and not a heap of rubble which is now all that is left of most of the old LHR central buildings that featured on so many cards.

DOUG BASTIN Chester June 2010

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