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Known aviation shows are:


21 Oct Brussels Zaventem village
22 Oct Bristol BAWA centre                  
29 Oct Manchester Airport T2
4-5 Nov Frankfurt Schwanheim Village;
11 Nov Heathrow : Feltham Community School
26 Nov Dublin Aer Lingus Club , Airport
6/8 July AI2007 Kansas City Mo, USA . Organiser for 2007 is US member Chris Slimmer.




Trading is relatively subdued.  An article in the Observer on the subject of the effect of Ebay on collectible records quoted a dealer as saying of once rare item “ I had a shop for five years and never saw a copy and would have paid 4 figures if I had – last week there were 3 on Ebay”. The same could be said of a lot of cards, ( adjusted to 2 figures)  so the big numbers are now for the genuinely ultra rare OR one that for some unpredictable reason hooks many bidders with maybe different motives.  The larger figures in the current period tend not to have been for individual cards but multiples, where the price per card works out nearer to “normal” levels.  This tendency also suggests sellers are finding the labour of listing individual cards is less worthwhile. Also it is likely that some are dealers attempting offloading of otherwise unsaleable stock – although observation at the recent Chester PC fair suggests that most unsaleable stock is still being hauled around the country.

One notable collection sold recently was a set of Instone Air Line official cards which went for over £100 but , at around £20 per card this is not an exceptional high price for a full set of this series. The set , with original envelope appears to be black and white photographic  although this set is usually found printed  in sepia.  To show the cards in sufficient detail the downloaded image has been given the whole of the following page.