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Known collectable shows are:


1 Oct Luton Vauxhall Leisure Centre
9 Oct Ellesmere Port Civic Centre ( Aviation & Militaria)
15 Oct Brussels Zaventem Village
23 Oct Manchester Airport T2
5/6 Nov Frankfurt Schwanheim Village
12 Nov Feltham : Community College
27 Nov Dublin
6-8 July Airliners International Washington DC USA

Club members who made it to the supposed main Uk Picture Postcard Show (alias “Bipex”) seemed largely disappointed with the range of material on offer. Many dealers stocks had a tired air. It seems dealers are themselves suffering from those with cards to dispose of cutting out the middleman and going straight to the Web – especially for  choice items, leaving the dealers to pick up the remnants. Did members see the research report that reckoned that the ability to realize value from household “junk” was increasing individual wealth nationally by the same amount as the “free” shares given away when UK Building Societies became banks.




First I am informed that the long thin Sumburgh Herald card featured last time is in fact ordinary shape but the seller distorted it in the scan for the auction. The fervour of collecting in the developed areas of Asia is highlighted shown by three recent big auction figures. The rarity of Korean Airports + the cult status of both the Convair 880 and the CIA backed Taiwan airline Civil Air Transport came together to drive a card featuring both up to £97 from a Singapore based collector.



Even higher , an early real photo of a RAF Sunderland at Hong Kong Kai Tak went for £169 within the ex-Colony.



Thirdly a real photo of the first Singapore Airport at Kallang ( now a sports centre) with KLM DC-2 went for £80 , again within Singapore – see next page.  Elsewhere , as usual, the on line auctions were somewhat subdued over the summer. . 


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