Editorial impressions by Doug Bastin


Don’t we hate the person who takes a perfectly good, or destined to become very rare, airline card , and, while writing an in-flight message decides to mark the face with a big cross by a window and maybe an “I sat here” too.  Perhaps taken with the back message it might add some interest to a more common card but usually it is a disaster from the collectors point of view. But perhaps we are wrong, perhaps such cards are a work of spontaneous art. This thought is occasioned by the appearance of what to all intents and purposes is a Lufthansa issue postcard at, and on the posters for, an exhibition of young artists from Cologne at Tate North, Liverpool. The card in question is below and is otherwise distinguished only be being slightly less common than most cards from this carrier. It shows an early 727 as delivered in the late 1960s.



What the artist Friedrich Kunath has done is to take the card, or the photo on which it was based, enlarge it, write “your problems” down the fuselage and title it as such. Now we know what to do with all those un-tradeable cards, like Donaldson 707s.


Elsewhere we mark the forthcoming retirement of member, and KLM 747 driver, Dave Prins with a feature on some of his predecessors. Also a look back at postcards of air show venue, Farnborough.

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