The times are a changing in many ways and my house move is imminent. The new address is Hampton House, Dee Banks CHESTER CH3 5UU. I hope to get this issue out early before even more chaos than usual descends but this will mean missing Colin Cohen for an issue.

Although various ideas were floated, we never achieved anything special for 10 years of the Club. March 2005 will be issue number 50. The lazy way out is to reprint a lot of old articles with improved illustrations from our new technology. Please contact me with any better ideas - I don't expect Royal Mail to handle redirection 100% but phone and E-mail should be unchanged.
We have one new member as a result of Internet trading :-

Dietmar Leuther from Erding, Germany has joined as an online member interested in airline-issue cards.

Member Ray Billings has been busy with an article on the Douglas World Cruiser flight of 1924 published in Picture Postcard Monthly for September.

One the cards illustrated is this one from Ambala, India by Bashesbar, Nash & Son showing those named Chicago, Boston & New Orleans.


Now back to packing all those postcards.

Doug Bastin Chester UK Sept 2004

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