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Known collectable shows are:


Sep 18 Newark NJ USA Holiday Inn
Oct 02 Luton Vauxhall Recreation Club
Oct 16 Brussels Zaventem Viallage Atheneum
Oct 24 Manchester Airport T2
Oct 30 Boston USA, Airport
Oct 31 Ellesmere Port Civic Hall - Small local event
Nov 6 & 7 Frankfurt Schwanheim Village
Nov 13 Heathrow Feltham Community School
Apr 17 Gatwick Crawley Leisure Centre




Action usually slows down in Summer and this year was no exception.

The new specialist Aviation Collectibles auction site seems to have mainly “collector series” cards with a huge number coming from the collection of one-time Australian member Scott Bibby. A new and useful feature is an “Items wanted” section . Check it out at 


More unusual cards appear from time to time on Ebay amongst the mass of airline material. The one illustrated, is another for collectors of worldwide first flights and shows the first flight in the Philippines, as late as 1911. I am not totally sure of the history but I think the Philippines had only just passed from Spain to the US at this time.

The text seems to read ” Bud Mars Makes First Flight Ever in the Philippines, Manila Feb 21 1911.”

This could equally appear in What Do You Know as the card text identifies Bud Mars, Manila Feb 21 1911. But, to show how the Internet can be a repository of misinformation, the only references to this seem to be to a film that was taken of “The First Flight over Manila” in 1911 , with another reference to Bud Mars having been in Hawaii with a Curtiss in 1911. Elsewhere there is the contradictory entry “ March 12, 1912. Lt. Frank P. Lahm opens the Philippine Air School at Ft. William McKinley, Philippines. Nine days later, he would make the first flight in the islands, taking off in a Wright Model B from the fort’s polo grounds. He would teach an officer and an enlisted man to fly before the arrival of the rainy season in July”  Now it looks more like a Curtiss than a Wright to me …over to the pioneer people. The fact that the military in the picture seem to be Navy rather than than Army may have a bearing with inter-service rivalry driving the rival claims.

This card realized $66 ( £36) – the interesting question is whether more people would have found it if the word “airplane” had not been mis-typed into the description as “airlpane”.    Similarly it seems quite common for “postcard” to get converted e to “”postacrd” in the entry process to further confuse searches

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