Editorial impressions by Doug Bastin



The paper edition features Concorde back and front. The cover shot is the version of the BA close up night shot which was included in the on-board stationary wallet and carries the Concorde logo top and back. Colin Cohen features some of the many cards issued showing Concorde in the colours of airlines whose interest was to say the least short-lived.  Interestingly the warning implied by issuing cards of aircraft that you have not ordered and may even have flown, has not been noted by Emirates who have issued a two sided publicity (not strictly Postcard) card on the theme of “One Era Ends, another begins” with a sunset Concorde view on one side and an Emirates liveried Airbus A.380 on the other. At this time Airbus have built a factory to produce the wings for this at Chester but have not yet tied down all the details of how to get these to France to bolt on to the rest of the structure. It involves barges, ships and new road in France but requires somehow to cross the London-Holyhead rail line so will probably involve a man with a red flag somewhere in the process and an opportunity for nationwide rail disruption caused by the “wrong kind of Airbus on the line at Chester”. Maybe the, undoubtably false, rumour of using Airships would have been a better idea.  


As stated before the December issue will be produced by the Pioneer sub-group and feature various aspects of the Wright Brothers, probably concentrating on their activities in Europe. This time we have a look at the persistence of the Wright name in manufacturing through the Curtiss-Wright company, and some desert airports, including early Iraqi examples. There was also good response to Peter Marsons request re early Constellation cards.


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