This March issue is usually held back a bit to allow for late renewals. This year there have been members not renewing on health, and loss of interest grounds as well as some whose decease has been reported. Less inevitable are those who have simply gone missing with no replies to letters or E-Mails. While there is no fixed number below which the club becomes non-viable, falling numbers tend to demotivate those who work on producing the Club publications which are the principal reason for being a member. One contributory cause must be the near-death of the airline issue postcard and airport postcard. So there is not much for the current card collector so we appeal more to the historian, but historians have their pet period and if they find nothing about it then, as one departing member put it I have no interest  in modern aviation . But for different people the modern era can start in 1914, 1918,1940,1945,1960 or whenever.

On the other hand signs of active membership can be very motivating and one such is the Imperial project as mentioned above. Unfortunately any such project will appeal only  to a minority in the broad spectrum of members interests. As always contributions on all subjects are welcome and I will try and maintain a balance between subjects and time periods in what gets published in 2007. 

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