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Known aviation shows are:


17 Mar 1000 Stuttgart, Musberg Village
18 Mar Manchester Airport T2
24/25 Mar Russelsheim, nr Frankfurt  Germany, Hotel Adler
22 Apr Gatwick Crawley K2 leisure centre.
28 Apr 0900 Vienna Airport T2
12 May Feltham Community School
19 May 0900 Dusseldorf, Airport
2 Jun Paris Holiday Inn CDG Airport
6/8 July AI2007 Kansas City Mo, USA . Organiser for 2007 is US member Chris Slimmer.
9 Sep 1000 Berlin Schonefeld Airport
Nov 3/4 Frankfurt Schwanheim Village



The auction site Ebay has been of great benefit to those who collect internationally. The best years may already be past as, due to a combination of needing to manage the huge volumes of stuff being listed (All items not just cards) Ebay seems to be going down a road of excluding foreign items from its national sites, unless specifically searched for. I suspect another motive is profit maximisation and we may see international listing coming back with an extra fee. Those who use Ebay to find stuff need to use the advanced search features to make sure they pick up all that is on offer worldwide. 

No surprises among best-sellers . Another rare South American is shown here, a Panair Do Brasil DC-8 at Asuncion Paraguay

  It now seems that supply exceeds demand for the more common Imperial cards including many from the Tuck numbered series.  But rarer items like the Albatross card shown still generate competition. This is a DH Albatross at a wet le Bourget Paris on a Godneff real photo card

As I write this a previously unseen card in the pilot series (Wilcockson) seems to be heading for a $100 price having started off at $3 from a seller in California who says it came from the estate of a couple who were both pilots. So the cards are still out there but they may be getting harder to find on the Web, just like they are everywhere else.  

At the other end of the price spectrum there is some evidence that some publisher cards once deemed skip-fodder are now more appreciated. But to be so, they need to be at least 30 years old, not have been produced in massive numbers, like Skilton, and feature selected extinct or waning airliners such as most British types, Convair jets, DC-8 and  Tristar.


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