So what’s the connection between a SAS in-flight “I am here” report card and a Brazilian Airport ?


Well, although the SAS card shows a DC-6, the passenger who filled it in says he/she was flying over Emden, Germany inbound to Copenhagen at 1155 25 May 1951 at 1500m at 340 km/h in “Nial Viking”. But Nial Viking, LN-KLK, was not a DC-6, it was a SAAB Scandia – which is what the nose left on the view of the Brazil Air Force HS748 at Sao Paulo Congonhas Airport belongs to. Congonhas was Sao Paulo’s equivalalent of Santos Dumont at Rio, being very close to the centre.


VASP of Brazil was the only other Scandia operator and Nial Viking was sold to VASP in 1957 and eventually broken up at Congonhas in 1963. There is unfortunately noth ing , not even a nose door initial, to identify the VASP Scandia. But for anybody who wants to know what the complete airliner looked like, here is a SAS official card of SE-BSB which also went to VASP and ended at Sao Paulo.

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