MARCH 2005


Editorial impressions by Doug Bastin

Well we made it to 50 editions. We tried to get 50 members to submit 50 favourite cards in celebration and we almost got there with 44 members contributing, some with multiple entries, so we have hit our card target easily. For ease of communication and cost/risk minimisation we limited the appeal to those with E-mail who might be able to send scanned copies, plus a few non E-mail known contributors - sorry if you were not approached. Congratulations to the Canadian members all of whom contributed, as also did a high proportion in the USA - and, after a bit of harassing we got a good showing from the Brits as well.

Those who wondered why the last paper edition was so late can put it down to our publishing an article promoting competitors to Royal Mail. In retaliation they lost the disk carrying the print version to the printers. However this was recovered using Broadband E-mail which will be used in future. The Italian post office also lost Leonardo Pinzauti's returning Ukraine card somewhere inside Florence Post Office for 2 months. And we wonder why the postcard is in decline.

The members have come up with a fantastic set of cards for this 50th edition. They take up the whole of this extended issue with all regular features suspended except the list of show dates in Cards are Out there. Hopefully the lack of balloons can be part offset by this Cubana card

published for that company's own 50th anniversary in 1979 - the 50 logo is from the back. If the balance of entries is biased towards the airline/airport interest then I suppose that reflects the disposition of the active membership, as does our usual content. Anyway this is not the time for faction fighting but instead to celebrate the quality, diversity and of the aviation postcard as submitted by our worldwide membership …and as many members submitted more than one card, there is a surplus to use in future editions. Anyone who has not submitted so far is invited to add to this stock

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