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Thanks to all those who sent good wishes following our move. We have settled in quickly, but getting used to living with builders is a new experience which I hope will not last long..

Recently I attended an aircraft enthusiasts convention at Luton and, for the first time ever, came away with absolutely nothing. My contacts abroad also report that there is very little new about either. Therefore my report this month will have to rely on old items. It looks like I am going to have to join in the competition on Internet auctions to find new things. I recently met Mark Kahl who is promoter of a new auction site called the Auction Hangar ( to be launched in April. He claims it will be the worlds first complete aviation related auction site I assume this is for collectible rather than real hardware. I understand Ebay often has real biz-jets like Learjets for sale ( The ultimate was a guy trying to sell an Ex Brazilian Navy aircraft carrier for $8 million actually ex Royal Navy as well ---Ed). Anyway it is claimed that this site will be open to all with no listing or final value fees . I am not  sure how it will make money but good luck anyway. However I will register and join in although if it is aimed at collectors it may be dominated by the big spemders for buying and not attract the one-off sellers who provide the surprises on auction sites.

Graham Alliance from the US send me a mixed bag of card copies, a floral card from China Airlines of Taiwan, a Beech 18 in RCAF colours on a card from Sunwest International Aviation Services and one of the theme-building from Los Angeles International Airport, scene of this years AI2004 collectors convention.


Apparently this was on sale at a chemists near the airport. Airport cards on sale at airports are now probably banned on security grounds.

Hoping for more encouraging news next time, until then, as always,

Happy collecting