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Mar 16 East Midlands at the Airport
Mar 23 Bristol BAWA Centre Filton
Mar 29 Stuttgart Musberg Village 10.00
Apr 13 Gatwick Crawley Leisure Centre 10.00
Apr 27 Heathrow Airport Visitor Centre
May 10 Feltham Community College 11.00
May 24 Paris. Holiday Inn - Roissy
May 24 Vienna Airport T2 9.30
Jun 14 Newark UK Aerojumble
July 5 Frankfurt Summer Show, Schwanheim Village 9.00
July 10/12        Airliners International 2002  Columbus Ohio
Aug 17 Redhill - Fly-in and collectors fair
Sep 6 Birmingham Motor Cycle Museum
Oct 4 Luton, Vauxhall Recreation Club 11.00
Oct 19 Manchester Airport T2
Nov 1/2 Frankfurt, Schwanheim


Member Conway Longworth-Dames has lists of cards from the 1930s/50s for disposal, which can be obtained by sending 2 27p stamps to him at the address given in his CH Price article.


Some time back we featured 3D cards. After a long interval a new German publisher of these has appeared and cards can be purchased on-line at Subjects include reprints of old Zeppelin cards, the current Zeppelin NT airship and views of Friedrichshafen airport. The cards are of the variety that need to be viewed through coloured glasses and these come inside the plastic wrapper with the card. Lastly, publisher FISA has re-entered the UK card market with some oversize cards of British Airways types with 747-400 and 777 known and John Hinde has a set of at least 9 landing shots of UK airliners normal continental size.


A bit like with the stock market, people who bought cards a few years back must be wishing they had held off. With supplies of many US airline cards now clearly exceeding demand, prices that looked cheap then now look quite expensive. A few examples Mohawk BAC-111 (catalogue A500) was $15 now nearer $5, ditto for Panagra issue DC-6 cards. There is however some signs that these lower prices do result in sales maybe to collectors expanding into hither to too-expensive Areas or maybe dealers hoping to resell who have not quite got the message!


Conversely the really rare stuff continues to attract megabucks. A popular area not featured before is Japanese airports from the 50s possibly partly a nostalgia effect from the many US forces personnel stationed there at the time.

The collection of four such illustrated raised over $190 ( = 110).



Pioneer cards do not feature greatly in numbers but many of those that do attract serious money, especially if autographed  However, at press time the Belgian seller of this signed card of Hubert Latham had achieved no takers for his minimum bid price of $160(=96)



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