Following past articles on the German passenger Zeppelins,

Brian Hyner

has submitted some cards which show these from a new perspective or raise questions. To continue the airship theme there is also a recent acquisition of airship interest from the huge Yeovil 2002 show held at the Westland Aircraft social club in February.

The first of Brian’s cards seems to have ben taken to poise the LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin on the funnel of the Nord-Deutscher Lloyd liner, Monte Rosa.  At first sight it could be mistaken for a wartime convoy shot with protecting barrage balloon but the Zeppelin is a far more elegant shape.

Graf Zeppelin over Norddeutscher Lloyd Monte Rosa

Whether the airship was simply passing over or whether there was any communication between the vessels is perhaps a question for our airship fan members. As also is the second of Brian’s cards which appears to show LZ129 Hindenburg and another over the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin. Did this ever happen over Berlin, or anywhere else for that matter, or is it yet another doctored image , of which there are many featuring airships.

Formation or fake. Hindenburg and another over Berlin

The third card, the Yeovil one, looks like the Cardington Mooring mast , but is in fact , its counterpart at the intended destination of the ill-fated R101, namely  Karachi.  The card is real photo, published by Johnny Stores, Camp, Karachi and the stamp box reads “Buy Johnny Stores Postcards”.

The never-to-be used mooring mast at Karachi, built to receive the R-101

Some time back we featured a Pakistan International DC-3 card, the background of which was the skeleton of the intended R101 shed at the same airport. With better technology, this part of the card is now shown enlarged below.

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