MARCH 2002




Editorial impressions by Doug Bastin


Welcome back to all those who have rejoined for our tenth anniversary  2002.

I am pleased to say that we have had few drop-offs this year and have already added some members too.  A new membership list is enclosed with this issue - with a larger print size to reduce eyestrain.  We now really do run from A to Z with the addition of Robin Zamitt from Malta in addition to Ian Hayward in Surrey and, Geoff Dryden in Canada. See the new combined worldwide member list for their details. Anniversary events are either planned or under way. We are still hoping for some kind of get-together in the Heathrow area towards the end of the year. As it appears that over 50% of the membership is now on E-mail, I think we can be justified in asking this sample for their opinions at zero cost. So, how many of you would be likely to attend a such a gathering and what would you like to see there apart from other members and their spare cards – answers to bastindw@aol.com (ironically this has largely  displaced the traditional “answers on a postcard” which can of course still be used) 

Heathrow would be an apt location because  the cards of Heathrow are going to be our catalogue subject for 2002.  More about this project on P.5. The cover shot is one of the rarer cards, LP30,  from the well known Fry black and white photographic series from the 50s and shows Ambassador/Elizabethan “Sir Robert  Cecil” (G-AMAC) with its nose cone up on a night shot.  Featuring the Elizabethan is, I guess another link to 2002 as jubilee year and another tenuous one is an article by  Ken Harman  on aviation and Edward VIII, without whose abdication  all key  royal dates would have been somewhat different.  No Pioneer Page this time but the Pioneer Sub-Group is thriving – details from Ken Jones

Another  anniversary event is the construction of our Website. It now has a name www.aviapc.com  , and, as befits the Aviation Postcard Club INTERNATIONAL is being built in Germany by Christian Gerbich. More on this next issue when it should be well past the prototype stage but the objectives are set out on P.5  The other international item of note is our centerfold article on the Russian built DC-3 , the Lisunov LI-2, by Polish member Robert Stachyra.

What we NOT doing with this issue is a 24 –pager. This is simply because we have the membership list to send out as well this month and extra pages would drive up the mail costs. All in all could be an interesting year but hopefully not in the way of the supposed Chinese curse “May you live in Interesting Times”

Doug Bastin                                                                                                                March 2002

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