As this will be going out at the end of March, we will list Aviation collecting events from April onwards :-


April 7 Hooton Park Merseyside 10 a.m
April 14 East Midlands  10 a.m
April 21 LGW 2002 Crawley Leisure Centre from 10 a.m
May 11 Feltham Community School 11 a.m
May 18 Redhill Fly In & Collectors Fair  10a.m
May 25 Vienna At the Airport 9.30 a.m
June 20/22 Houston, TX USA WAHS Convention AI2002
June 29 Zurich At the Airport
Sept   7 Birmingham Motor Cycle Museum by Carl McQuaide
Sept   7 Newark,NJ, USA Sheraton Hotel
Sept 28 Prague At the airport 9 a.m
Sep 28 Hamburg. At the airport 10 a.m
Nov 2/3 Frankfurt, Schwanheim Village 10 a.m
Nov 30 Zurich At the Airport

For anybody in range in the NorthWest I will be doing a Club Promotion/Speke Airport Cards presentation at the Wirral Aviation Soc 7.30 May 5th(details 01244-340895)





There will be additions to the Comet and VC-10 catalogues from a set of cards from Royal mail due May 2nd  for the 50th anniversary of the of the Comet in service. Other subjects are Trident Concorde and Airbus A.380.

Lastly, Member Roy Seymour Mills is now offering aerophilatelic items including some cards, on approval


No surprises here with U.S or Latin American  early  airline/airport real photographic still best for top $.. Conversely the supply of classic U.S props from the 40s seems now to be in excess of demand with prices falling. Among the best items was this DC-3 from Ariana Afghan.

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