A few members, presumed lost, have rejoined since March and the club remains viable, for the time being. As usual, more contributions, so I can edit rather than write as well, would be a welcome sign of life. One lazy way of solving the problem might be to re-publish some articles from early editions when the print quality did not do the pictures justice. The paper membership list goes out with this issue. From its contents here are a few statistics for the UK membership. The membership is spread very thinly across the map, covering 48 postcodes, of which only four have more than 2 members (Chester, Guildford, Redhill and Stockport), 16 have two members and the rest one only. Additional, including E-Mail members, the UK supports 2 members in North America, 14 in continental Europe, 1 in Ireland and 1 in Australia.


Themed issues seem to attract participation, so September with be a Island issue featuring UK offshore islands, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Scillys and the Scottish islands. There is a lot of civil material for all of these so anything military or pioneer would be especially of interest. I suggest the same format as “Issue 50” with members submitting just one “Island” card with some minimal text.


As I am writing this I have just heard that our US editor, and 747 driver Bill Baird is recovering from major surgery.  We all hope to see him back in the air soon. Meanwhile his US piece is included as usual.


The Imperial project tends to go slower during the Summer so there are no developments on publication but  additions continue to trickle in - a few unusual types and locations but also “yet another HP.42 or Argosy at Croydon”. 


Hoping to hear from people with their Island cards submissions

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