Among the  U.S contributors to issue 50 was Frank Lichtanski with a piece on his favourite Western Airlines. It is with regret that we must now announce Franks subsequent death, after only a short illness. The Colin Cohen spot has been denoted to some Western items in memoriam.


The latest Irish member referred to above is Liam Byrne c/o HMCA 13 Fitzwilliam Place Dublin 2 Ireland. Interests: All Irish aviation + Kingsford Smith. Liam assisted Ronny with info on Irish Sea pioneers and also confirmed the identity of the first Aer Lingus DC-3 in the main article. Also new and an Aer Lingus collector is Terry Parker 54A Duncan St Calne Wilts SN115AU. Derek Purdy 73 Low Stobhill Morpeth NE61 2SQ is the third new face.


It is some years since we did a catalogue. The intended Concorde issue has now been abandoned, mainly because a much more comprehensive and illustrated listing has been produced in France. This is available from Jean Francois Bo 7 Square Mondoui F78250 Le Chesnay France – I believe the price to be in the region of 80 Euro. I have not necessarily abandoned the idea of future catalogues but would probably move away from paper on grounds of time, cost and quality – most likely to CD. The old publications print quality seem a bit poor now and another possibility would be to reissue these updated on CD. Members could of course then print off their own copies. I did this some years back with one-time member  Greg Smith’s Constellation catalogue, which was fortunate as the web version seems to have disappeared, as indeed has Greg from collecting circles.  

Lastly to those who have submitted material that has not yet appeared – it will. For once, material is not a problem and long may it be so although the overseas membership is currently outstripping UK production .


Doug Bastin                                                                  CHESTER UK July 2005

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