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I do not remember how many years I have been going to the aviation fair every Easter time at Gatwick, but this year for the first time I missed out, which I am really sorry about. As you may recall this is the only chance that us Brits usually have to meet up with our many European and international collectors friends. Everyone seems to make a special effort to attend this annual event and no doubt those that did come over this year did well and picked up some nice items. However I did manage to make it to a show at Feltham. Despite being late I was lucky enough to gain most of the new cards from the Airbus factory. They have continued their series and the latest numbers go up to 138 and I still have to obtain the following;- 122,124,125, 129,131,133 and 135. So if anyone knows what these depict or have them spare for me to trade with please let me know? Some of the pictures that I have already are unusual such as a nice fleet shot of Air New Zealand A320 family  with three aircraft flying one below the other. Has this been superimposed I wonder? Also a close up of a Livingston Spa A.321, of which I have not seen a postcard  before.

An in flight shot of Swiss A340-300 with the two winglets brightly painted with red wing tips. A319 from United taking off, no doubt a common sight at many local US airports today.   

Just to share with you some interesting cards that I added to my collection recently. The first is a card from Turin with a drawing of what looks like an Alitalia Vanguard heading straight into the city’s Basilica - what an awful thought! Another card is a Boeing 727 from EAT, which is part of a series of the DHL fleet. This card has the effect of light reflecting around it and could be easily mistaken as a fire or fireworks nearby!   

Two cards from Lufthansa recently issued show a Boeing 747 Cargo/freighter with a zip like lines across the different destinations and another showing an Airbus A340 landing followed by a row of light bulbs!!!!     

On the older front I was chuffed to find a rather nice card from Curacao airport in the Dutch Antilles. This card shows three interestingly different airliners being KLM DC8, an ALM DC9 with the basic old KLM livery and a Aerocondor Electra (from Colombia).

Another card is an old Cathay Pacific Tristar 1011 taxiing at the old airport at Hong Kong, with the towering high rise blocks behind.

Happy collecting



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