Once more this edition will probably not be with you until the month after that on the cover. As Colin Cohen will know, anything to do with house moves can totally wreck any pre-existing plans and schedules and as we are hoping to move this year, I can see such disruption extending through 2004. You will all get the newsletters that you are expecting but the timing may be a little disturbed.

This highlights the fact that production of both the paper and on-line newsletters is totally dependent on myself plus, for the Website, Christian Gerbich. Should either of us be indisposed it just would not happen. I took over editing from Phil in 1998 and have now matched his six years in the chair. I am not planning to move on yet , but as I said, the best laid plans are vulnerable to what 1950s PM Harold McMillan referred to as "events, dear boy, events". So what we need is back up A) For producing the content and getting it to the printer and B) For producing the On-line version. The editor role breaks down into actually composing material and organising others submissions. In an emergency, I guess a minimal edition could be produced with mainly card scans and minimal text - this one tends a little that way. Any candidate for back-up editor would need to have a PC with scanner, Internet connections and CD Writer - Newsletter templates would be provided. The back up Web Controller basically need the skills to do the job - again access to the service provider would be given + any templates required.

Needless to say the Concorde project is on hold at present for the same reasons. I know a number of members are keen to see this happen, but the response on the questionnaire did not point to a big market or any unanimity on the means of production. I may settle for distributing the "Work-in-Progress Listing" to those expressing an interest or who contributed.

Lastly, the old bleat about the need for member contributions, especially from UK members who have the advantage of being able to write in their own language. Maybe the Pioneer people can regroup after their effort for the December Wright centenary. Meanwhile enjoy these belated offerings.

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