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Known collectable shows are:


Jun 26 Frankfurt-Schwanheim

Gatwick Aviation Museum Aerojumble Charlwood Nr, Gatwick

Jun 27 Zurich, Restorama Fracht Airport
Jul 8-10 Airliners International 2004 Los Angeles LAX - Sheraton Gateway
Aug 15 Fly-In + Collectors fair Redhill Airfield
Sep 18 Newark NJ USA Holiday Inn
Oct 16 Brussels Zaventem Viallage Atheneum
Oct 24 Manchester Airport T2
Oct 30 Boston USA, Airport



As one bubble subsides another rises. This latest was textbook free-market economics. For some time two collectors have dominated the market for Aer Lingus cards - and only the rarest of cards were not already in their collections. Enter some new collectors competing both between themselves and with the old established for any rarer cards. Some premium prices are hit for some not uncommon cards. So sellers pile in with their copies of like cards. The new collectors start to realise what is rare and what is not and are less prepared to bid high. But the frenzy has tempted some marginal collectors of Irish aviation to offload, thus unearthing cards of interest to both old and new collectors, so these hit premium prices. Having drawn these cards to market, everything reverts to some kind of normality except there is more competition for the rarer stuff.

There are several cards of Aer Lingus DC-3 s at Dublin but this one is Airline-Issued. EI-AFC "St Enda" raised just over $100 on Ebay .

Elsewhere a new BOAC Comet card of G-ALYS, one of the series produced for sale at Rome-Ciampino emerged.

Another trend has been for greatly increased UK domestic trading on Ebay which implies that there are maybe a lot more potential Club members out there than we thought. I usually put a small "Visit" note in with any cards I sell - perhaps other active trading members could consider doing the same.

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