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Known collectable shows are:


Jun 14 Newark UK Aerojumble
July 5 Frankfurt Summer Show, Schwanheim Village 9.00
July 10/12        Airliners International 2003  Columbus Ohio
Aug 17 Redhill - Fly-in and collectors fair
Sep 6 Birmingham Motor Cycle Museum: The Club will have a table for recruiting, selling, exchanging at this show. Volunteers are needed to help Tony Edwards man it – so he can find some cards himself.

Newark, NJ USA: Sheraton Newark

Sep 27 Prague Airport "Rodop" building

Hamburg at the airport

Oct 4 Luton, Vauxhall Recreation Centre 11.00
Oct 12 Manchester Airport T2
Oct 26 Ellesmere Port Civic Centre (New venue - used to be Hooton)
Nov 1/2 Frankfurt, Schwanheim Village


The likelihood of airlines responding to requests for the, few surviving, airline issue cards has diminished further with reports that airlines have noticed that their “free” cards are being sold on the Internet for profit. But it could mean that more airlines offer their cards for sale rather than abandon them altogether. Air Scandic did this and so have Delta. Even if sold they would probably be regarded as “limited edition” and therefore have some edge over published for collector cards.


A flurry in Concorde cards after the “death notice” was to be expected and did materialize. Known rarities like the Singapore-in-flight company card were in demand but some high prices also featured on UK publisher cards, notably the “Formation of  4” Pageantry card available at airports.

Elsewhere Mexican real photo airports have been highly contested, like these of Monterray ($63) and Tampico ($161) below. Despite these, the picture remains one of supply exceeding demand in most areas – which means that anyone who was in past put off by the prices should take another look. It is much more of a buyers market now.




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