It is quite surprising that most airlines that have an email address and even very impressive web pages do not advertise them on their aircraft. The exception to this are of course the low cost no frills airlines such EASYJET, which was one of the first airlines purely to advertise just their telephone number on the fuselages then copied by quite a few others and now their web addresses. In looking through all my collection of postcards I could only list a small handful of email addresses.  However I did note that some postcards issued by the airlines do have often an web address on the reverse or sometimes when there is a promotion on the front, then email will be clearly printed on the card. More often than not the aircraft itself do carry a very small hidden web address but this is usually hidden, I wonder why? If any collector can provide me with some lists or photos of postcards  that they might have or know about with airlines showing their web address as part of their livery, please me know and I will glad publish a list in future articles.

You will recall that in a past article I showed some postcards of the model village airports and since then I have obtained quite few items of interest from a number of collectors. Thus I was delighted at the recent show at Gatwick this year to acquire several additions that I had not seen before with children seated on the apron at Madurodam model village next to models of an Air France caravelle, and KLM DC8, and earlier black and white cards with SAS and Sabena DC6s.

Among other great finds recently for me has been a drawing shot of Ghana Airways Britannia

and a philatelic item depicting UTA DC8 with a stamp and post mark from French Polynesia. I understand that this is part of a set but I have still to discover the other aircraft shown and if anyone has any idea what these are, please do let me know.

Some recent airline issues include a nice set from TUNISAIR of their fleet and one card in particular shows an airport shot through a black hanger-like frame, with an Airbus and Boeing 737 parked on an apron at an airport.

 The Emirates have two larger sized cards showing an air shot of their Airbus A330-200 with a passenger inset asleep in one of their comfortable seats and another air shot of Boeing 777-200. Airbus in Germany have also produced 12 new additions to their previous numbered set of cards. Although these are still quite hard to find, when I wrote in, I was only sent the older cards, so I am eager to see them. Does anyone have any of these yet. The older Polish series are now almost impossible to find and I am treasuring the few that I have already  in my collection.

Till next time,