Lots and lots of Club News as befits our 10th Anniversary year. So much so that the editorial and Club News sections take over our first few pages. We also have that rare event, a military postcard article with Peter White on the artist-drawn cards published by Salmon. Many are very common but the Barracuda is the exception.

Elsewhere, airports feature in both the main article and Worth a Second Glance, and a rare 707 card is featured by Leonardo Pinzauti.

On the subject of 707’s we welcome as a member Bill Demarest from Miami, producer of 707 and 747SP postcard catalogues which were one model for our own. These are available from Bill ( or 11491 NW 51st Terrace Miami FL 33178-3556 USA) at a special club worldwide post- inclusive price of $20 for the two. Two of the rarer entries appear here.

Aeropa (previously S.A Venezia) operated two 707’s between 1972 and 1975, German Calair had 5 ex-Eastern 720’s but only operated three.


Bill is the current President of the WAHS airline collectors society, publisher of Captains Log and organizer of the annual Airlines International, the largest US airline collectibles fair – this year in Houston Jun 18-23.  The WAHS is in progress of relaunch following the retirement on health grounds of founder, Paul Collins. Its website is and the Houston show has one at

Staying with Web matters, our was launched on May 3rd and announced by E-mail to all members who have given E-addresses. This proved to be a quality check on these and we seem to have obsolete or incorrectly spelt addresses for Lex Selby ,David Joy and Jack Middlestaedt , so could these members care to E-mail us to give the correct version. The editorial E-address has changed to tie-in with the website and is as on the cover. Quality check on the website itself was assisted by Gordon Tutt  and all concerned are well pleased with what builder, Christian Gerbich has achieved in very short time.  For those who did not get the E-announcement, or do not have personal computer access, then, if you do get a chance to log-on you will need a password to enter the “Members-only” area –this is “year10”. The password has given us the only reported problems with the site to date and hopefully these have now been fixed – it may be to do with exactly how a particular PC has been set up. This newsletter will be published simultaneously on the Website – the main difference is that all cards are in their actual colours and not distorted by print quality – although maybe by scan quality. The wording of articles may not be exactly the same as sometimes the print version has to be cut back to fit into space, and if authors provide a selection of images, then we may use them all on the website, when only a selection can appear in print. We need to take stock, after the June update, and see how the site is to be developed. One option which seems attractive is to have a standard worldwide membership rate for overseas members who forgo the printed newsletter with its added mail costs and use the download feature only.

One experiment in the June website release is the Quiz item. There will be a prizes for the first all correct answer from a member and from a non-member. The quiz will not run in the print version as mail times differ widely – OK, there are time zone issues with the net but we are not talking lottery money here.

By now there is a danger that all print-only members are feeling like an oppressed minority, or majority as the case may be. We cannot tell at time of writing how print quality will turn out, bit, if it is unsatisfactory this will be our next priority. Having decided to do the Heathrow catalogue which will need good quality black and white card reproduction this is an opportunity to look around.

There will be at least one opportunity for members to gather in this anniversary year as the Club has again taken a table at Carl McQuaides Birmingham show on September 7th at the Motor Cycle Museum and the Special Anniversary event at Heathrow in December is still a possibility but unconfirmed.

Over the past 10 years, the Newsletter has featured many articles by founder, Phil Munson, based on his collection of Transatlantic pioneer flights on postcards. All this material and much, much more has been brought together in a book by Phil, “Conquest of the Atlantic” illustrated almost entirely from his collection, and published by Stenlake Publishing, 54-58 Mill Squate, Catrine, Ayrshire KA5 6RD, ISBN 1 84033 180 1 and available from them post free for £16.95. To whet the appetite, some of the entries are illustrated

U.S Navy Curtiss Flying Boat  NC-4  at Lisbon. This is owned by the The Smithsonian Air & Space Museum.

US Army Air Corps Douglas World Cruiser. “New Orleans” is at Karachi. This was one of the two that completed the circuit and is now owned by the USAF Museum.


As distinct from more modern subjects, the period of the 1920s and 1930’s is attractive to publishers as any cards will be out of copywrite. There was an idea to upgrade our Heathrow project to a book but copywrite seemed to be a problem. However this has not deterred the publishers of “A Postcard from the 50s” by member Gillian Jackson, £7.95 + mail  from reflections of a Bygone Age, 15 Debdale Lane. Nottingham NG12 5HT. To complete the set of authors, Ray Billings, has an article in the May Picture Postcard Monthly, on Charles Lindbergh.

On the Heathrow project, contributions have been received and are ongoing from Mike Charlton, Ken Thom, Roger Syratt, Peter Marson and Carl McQuaide.

Mike Charlton also came up with the most information about the midget 1950’s Heathrow roof commentator, Stan Little, which is worth broadcasting and appears in What do you Know     From the number of cards revealed it is clear that, as expected, the “glory days” were 1949 –59, with subsequent years much less represented, and the Terminal 4 years hardly represented at all. For that reason there may be some boundary stretching on what constitutes a Heathrow card. For example, whereas many of the current Czech collector cards feature BA aircraft shot at LHR, the view could often be anywhere – but a few have T4 and the old BOAC Comet/Hunting/Fields site as major background AND were shot from what little remains of the roof terrace.

So, 10th anniversary year looks like being a busy one with the website, Heathrow catalogue and Phils book already active or in progress.


Doug Bastin                                                      June 2002