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June 20/22 Houston, TX USA WAHS Convention AI2002
June 29 Zurich At the Airport (
Aug 18 Redhill. Fly-in and collectors fair (Corrected date)
Sept 7 Birmingham Motor Cycle Museum by Carl McQuaide.
Sept 7 Newark,NJ, USA Sheraton Hotel (
Sept 28   Prague At the airport 9 a.m
Sept 28   Hamburg. At the airport 10 a.m
Oct 5 Luton, Vauxhall Recreation Club 11 a.m
Oct 5 Brussels, Zaventem villageBrussels, Zaventem village
Nov 2/3   Frankfurt, Schwanheim Village 10 a.m
Nov 9      Feltham, Community School 11 a.m
Nov 30    Zurich At the Airport

Local  USA Shows

July 20

Los Angeles. Hacienda Hotel, LAX (

August 16/17 Teterboro NJ (
Sept 14 Chicago Holiday Inn Elk Grove Village
Oct 5        San Francisco. Grosvenor Airport Inn (
Oct 12      Seattle, Museum of Flight, Boeing Field (



Big numbers on Internet auctions continue to be predictably high on Real Photo South American airports. Recent auctions have yielded around $50 for this card of Kingsford Smith’s Fokker Southern Cross on arrival in Newfoundland and a rare airline issue from 1930’s Italian  carrier Avio Linee Italiane of the DC-2 lookalike Fiat  G.18. The Southern Cross went, appropriately, to an Irish collector.

But if we are amazed at $50-$100 cards then these are insignificant compared to what can happen in the aerophilately world. Herbert Lealman found references to sales of Postcards, probably themselves not aviation items, which carried the unofficial stamp issued to promote the “Vin Fiz” U.S transcontinental attempt of 1911. Originally offered in an Internet auction and purchased for several hundred dollars, this was then re-offered by a New York Auction House and realized $44,000- which just proves you need money to make money.

Apparently the unofficial stamps were one of the many spin-offs promoted by Calbraith Rodgers, in this case aided by his brother Robert from Kansas City where the stamps were printed. Apparently of the twelve  known to exist, seven are on postcards. Even this price seems insignificant in comparison with another card with the Vin Fiz stamp mailed to Germany from Pasadena, the termination point for the Vin Fiz flight. This one raised $88,000 in 1999.


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