Editorial impressions by Doug Bastin

The intent to do something on Arctic/Antarctic aviation in this issue failed due to the lack of enough interesting cards to illustrate it. In any case the seasonal connection of December and ice and snow now appears historical. Instead we feature Blair – not the soon to be ex-prime minister but the transatlantic flying boat pioneer Charles. In later life he founded the Caribbean flying boat company Antilles Air Boats but was killed in a Grumman Goose crash in 1978. See here for one of their company issued cards. 

This piece is much helped by a selection of cards from the Foynes Flying Boat Museum, Ireland which is a welcome exception to the disappearance of postcards from other aviation museums, and, in the case of Cosford of the actual beaking up of most of its airline exhibits.  While this UK museum was scrapping the likes of a VC-10 , Foynes (www.flyingboatmuseum.com) was building a full size replica Boeing 314 fuselage ! Elsewhere we have some stragglers from the “Giants” article, plus the usual features including some news of revived activity on the checklist/catalogue front in What Do You Know?

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