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Known aviation shows are:


7 Jan Croydon Old Terminal
24 Feb 1000 Basel, Eurairport
3 Mar Luton- Vauxhall Leisur
17 Mar 1000 Stuttgart, Musberg Village
18 Mar Manchester Airport T2
24/25 Mar Russelsheim, nr Frankfurt  Germany, Hotel Adler
22 Apr Gatwick Crawley K2 leisure centre.
28 Apr 0900 Vienna Airport T2
12 May Feltham Community School
19 May 0900 Dusseldorf, Airport
6/8 July AI2007 Kansas City Mo, USA . Organiser for 2007 is US member Chris Slimmer.
9 Sep 1000 Berlin Schonefeld Airport
Nov 3/4 Frankfurt Schwanheim Village



Internet activity has been relatively subdued with no obvious feeding frenzies.  Another UK multi-card item, two items from which are shown. here fetched 72. This was for three of the early Heathrow Bridge House set featuring PanAm DC-3, Air India Constellation and BSAAC Lancastrian the downloaded pictures have some distortion as they are digital camera shots not a scan.

Another sign of passing time is that one of the 1970s Pamlin of Croydon aviation cards sold for over 15 many non-aviation cards from this time by this publisher are still on sale for 50p. The item concerned was a repro photo of an Avro 504 at Swaythling, Southampton in the 1920 s

If an original card exists of this subject from that period then you would expect to find it at not much more then 5 more. I suspect competition between local history collectors was at the heart of this one. With Ebay India opening up it is possible that we masy see the last great source of undiscovered Imperial Airways material, although I have only seen one such offering from there so far. The climate would not be conducive to the survival of paper items over so long a period unless well protected.

The new Cathay Pacific history set  of large cards showing stewardesses has been on offer from Hong Kong at a considerable range of prices and most have sold due to the combination of the two strong collecting themes of Cathay and Stwardesses. Oddly these cards have edges which have edges mimicking stamp perforations


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