…….particularly with regard to the future (Anon).  We asked for views on the future of the hobby and got a small but considered response which I have put together with my own views in this issue.  This is a fairly introspective issue featuring views and proposals  on the future of the hobby, catalogues, and the way cards are traded.  On the latter point we also feature the big European airline collectibles show at Frankfurt. German beer also features on the printed cover with  a stewardess serving draught beer on a Boeing 707 flight. Which is about as near as we get to a seasonal touch as I am sure to experience such  would be a welcome gift idea in the “If only …” category. This card is from a series produced by a German flight attendants association.



Hopefully the features on the hobby and catalogues will generate more debate on these  and the related future of the Club. Member participation seems to have been encouraged by the idea of themed issues so I am planning that March will have a Brazil theme. Why? 2006 is the Santos Dumont powered flight anniversary so there is a pioneer connection as well of the possibility of input on the eponymous airport in Rio, the cards of many local publishers, South Atlantic airmails and airships and the NYRBA/Pan American clippers.  So quite a choice for contributors. Lastly, just space for seasonal good wishes to all……………….


Doug Bastin                                                                CHESTER Nov 2005






Staying with Club business. It is renewal time again and, once more, there is no change in the rates – a form for renewals is enclosed with this copy. Longer term we are in the happy position of  having a cash surplus largely due to  only having  item of ever rising costs – namely post. This particularly affects overseas members so it is perhaps worth noting that on-line membership can now include the option of having the Newsletter E-Mailed as a Word document as well as instigating your own downloads from  www.aviapc.com. You do of course need the ability to receive multi-megabyte E-mails.  


Some of our expenditure goes on promoting the club at postcard and aviation collector shows.  The Chester PC show in September indirectly yielded new member Chris Ludlam ,18 Leamington Terrace Ilkley LS29 8EJ chris.ludlam@wyg.com  who joins our set of Imperial collectors. The only other contingency we have to plan for is that of having to pay for web maintenance of at any time we cannot do it in-house.


Two apologies/ corrections.  New member Richard Citron, should be Sitron and Bill Baird’s US piece last time was actually a repeat of the previous issue – although it was Ok on website. How many noticed? Only three actually reported it. Anyway this time you get a double ration from Bill., with the latest also with news of new member Roger Braatz from Minnesota.

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