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This Autumns Aircraft Fair at Luton was well attended but there was not much in the way of new postcards. However I managed to find a few older cards so I will feature these instead. I had been searching for an SAA 747 card at Frankfurt - a night shot with nose left rather than the more common right facing one below and am pleased to have it now.

I was flicking through a rather common bunch of cards and came across this rather nice shot of Arlanda airport Stockholm with only a Swissair Caravelle in sight - it looked like it was the only aircraft about.

What a difference from today. I also found a card from Christchurch, New Zealand with an ANZ DC-8 nose and Mount Cook DC-3 (GB Scott 584). On the reverse it says" 7 miles from the city with modern runways, contemporary administration buildings and lounges. In season giant transporters leave daily for Antarctica. (These same feature on a new Christchurch Aerial View card- Colourview CC1314 - DB)


While looking on the reverse side of a postcard with a PanAm 707 tail at Istanbul I was amused to read that the sender was traveling to Singapore stopping off at Istanbul and Bombay. He writes " It is a wonderful experience to fly, all I could see was the moon and stars and lights of the towns miles below us". Most probably a first time experience for him in 1964. Now with talk of Virgin planning space tourism I wonder what we will write when sending messages home from space while viewing earth from up there.
I must also mention a rather nice set of 10 commemorative postcards of Concorde from The set includes shots of the last landings at Heathrow and Filton. The latter compliments the well known shot of the first British Concorde take off from there in 1969. I will always recall my one and only flight on this super aircraft to Washington DC in the early 80s as a great experience. I especially remember the sight of the curvature of the earth below with the sky a different colour near the horizon. Lastly, some queries. I have a postcard of a 737 tail of an airline called WIPP express. Does it still exist and if so where? I also have four cards from a Polish Travel Agent, Lemitours including a very nice Cayman Airways 737-200 and I wonder how many there are in the series.?..............Till next time

Happy Collecting COLIN COHEN

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