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Known collectable shows are:


Jan 02 Croydon, Airport House
Feb 19 Basle-Mulhouse EuroAirport N Terminal. Organiser is member Gerard Naudin
Apr 02 Stuttgart, Musberg Village
Apr 09 Innsbruck Austria Airport
Apr 17 2005 Gatwick Crawley Leisure Centre
Jul 19/23 AI 2005 Milwaukee, WI USA


A different source for older cards is appearing in the Aeronautica auctions being held by the major auction houses. A recent sale by Auction House Dominic Winter of Swindon featured a collection of material from the Pashley family, pioneer aviators at Shoreham, and included several postcard lots. Member Stuart Stephenson and publisher Lincolnshire Lancaster support the Battle of Britain memorial Flight and have issued a new set of cards which include a DC-3 and Chipmunk as well as the better known Spitfire, Hurricane and Lancaster. 2 for 7 from LLA Sales, PO Box 474 Lincoln LN5 8ZW. Spitfire PR XIX PS915 is shown.



Concorde is the most extreme example of interest exploding when an aircraft disappears from the skies, but there has also been a mini-boom in Tristar cards for the same reason. Although, just when the aviation magazines are full of Tristars rotting in desert, a new airline issue card has appeared from Portuguese carrier Euro Atlantic.

Otherwise big sellers have been in the usual categories, especially when top subjects combine like Real Photo US Airports and, Constellations. As I write this, one such, of Eastern Airlines at Tampa, stands at $200 (100)

The once neglected area of airline interiors is now very popular, especially if showing both passengers and cabin crew. A recent high value card was one combining this with cult airline Transocean in a DC-4 interior featuring an air-cot - Transocean had contracts for carrying US service families Transpacific. Becoming more common are bulk lots of cards, probably from collectors who have extensive duplicates - if the price is low enough these seem to go too, although the postage often exceeds the bid price.

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