On the Club News front we have some new members, partly following from having a club table at Aviation Shows and, for the first time, a postcard show at Chester. Welcome to :-

GEORGE JENKS 1 Hollythorn Ave CHEADLE HUME Cheshire SK8 7EX ( Avro aircraft, HS748, ATP

BILL JONES The Mill House 20 Nant Alyn Rd RHYDMWYN Mold CH7 5HQ Airbus, HS125.


We do not have collecting interests in the member list for some recent members. It is not compulsory but its omission means that other members with like interests (and spare cards) do not have the opportunity to make contact for mutual benefit.

Fees for 2004 remain at £6 ($10, €10) for UK postal members and worldwide on-line-only members. Overseas postal members also remain at $15/€15. A renewal form is included with this mailing or downloadable from the Web.

The renewal form also includes a survey on what forms of publication should be offered for any Concorde catalogue offered in 2004. To date, not a lot of work has been done on this but what has suggests that the number of cards, covering just prototypes and four actual operators + speculatives exceeds the BAC-111 at 500 +.


use this link to upload the renewal form


Members with E-Mail are notified of loading of a newsletter to by E-mail sent to a members list. It is possible that some members may find that this is blocked by their service provider interpreting it as “spam”.  Please let me know if anyone is not receiving these notices before the print version arrives.

It simply remains to offer seasonal best wishes to all members and a successful collecting year for 2004


Doug Bastin                                            Chester  December 2003

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