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Known collectable shows are:


Jan 4 Croydon Old Terminal
Feb 21 Basle-Mulhouse Eurairport North terminal 0900.  Contact member Gerard Naudin (
Mar 6 Luton Vauxhall Recreation Club
Mar 13 Berlin – Schonefeld – Visitor centre 0900
Mar 14 Manchester Airport T.2
Mar 27 Stuttgart – Musberg Village
Apr 3 Toronto Holiday Inn E
Apr 25 Gatwick Crawley Leisure Centre
May 15

Heathrow Feltham Community College

Vienna Airport T2 0930
Jul Frankfurt-Schwanheim (date to be confirmed)
Jul 8-10 Airliners International 2004 Los Angeles LAX - Sheraton Gateway


Japanese airlines old and new continue to issue cards (All Nippon, Fair, JAL, Japan Air Commuter, Hokkaido Air System, Oriental Air Bridge, Skynet Asia) Easyjet (Switzerland) have issued an A319. At this time no “official” Concorde farewell cards have been reported. CSA – Czech Al have produced a 16 card text-back history set. There is a new history set also, apparently from the British Airways Warsaw office, but as the back text is all in English with no Polish, its status is a bit unclear.

A dealers stock of multiple copies of Flightdeck and other publishers cards, both civil and military is offered by by Brian Tonge 01625-520301( All are located in Wilmslow Cheshire.


No surprises – some big numbers still for premium cards but the “globalisation” effect of the net has flattened prices so that what is cheap or expensive  in one country is likely to be the same worldwide – so the only bargains now depend on locating stuff that everybody else has missed – just like all other sources.  The sheer volume of cards on Ebay now favours the narrow collector who can search for a specific type, airline, etc. There are not enough hours in the day to check out everything that a search on “airliner” would come up with.

In addition to two Concordes another piece of  UK (and Indian) aviation heritage has been lost to the USA. This Air India issue Constellation was exported from Yorkshire for over $100(£60)

…and rare South American airports continued to be high-flyers. This one is Caracas, Venezuela with AVENSA Convair and DC-3 @ $180+ (£108 +)

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