Within the "Monthly features" section you can find the Heathrow Catalogue order form. Here you will get a print-out version (Word-format) of the membership renewal form. We have been able to hold both prices to the same as the BAC-111 issue and 2002 membership respectively. In both cases we have been able to control print costs but there have been steep rises in International mail costs from the UK. Some recent overseas members have opted to pay the equivalent of the UK subscription (= 10 $ or ) and not receive the Newsletter in printed form, relying instead on website access and optional download. This option is included for current members in the renewal form. The current website password will remain valid until April, by which time all renewals should be in, but please do not leave it until then as sending renewals costs time and money. The aforesaid new members are :-

Our first from Portugal Rui Carrico (

Pcta Ferreira de Castro #1 3DTO Carnaxide 2795-498.


And another first, from Israel Thomas Teichmann (

Both are airliner collectors.

At home, Conway Longworth-Dames 27 Stoke Gabriel Road, Galmpton, Brixham, Devon TQ5 0NQ

joins our band of Imperial AW collectors.

So with new members still coming in, the website launched and getting good access figures,  and the printing issue hopefully resolved, we seem to have a good 2002. Which leaves the problem of doing something new for 2003 the centenary of powered flight. Meanwhile seasonal best wishes to all members.


Doug Bastin   December 2002