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Jan  5

Croydon . At the old Airport (Date to be confirmed)

Feb 2 Dulwich College 10.30
Feb 16 Transport Memorabilia Fair. Southampton Novotel 10.30
Mar 1 Luton Vauxhall Recreation Club 11.00
Mar 2 Manchester Airport Terminal 2. This event replaces the one listed in September for Mar 16 at Wilmslow
Mar 23 Bristol BAWA Centre Filton
Mar 29 Stuttgart Musberg Village 10.00
Apr 13 Gatwick Crawley Leisure Centre 10.00
May 10 Feltham Community College 11.00
May 24 Paris. Site to be announced
May 24 Vienna Airport T2 9.30
July 10/12        Airliners International 2002  Columbus Ohio
Sep 6 Birmingham Motor Cycle Museum


Proliferation continues – it is believed that it is intended to repeat the Heathrow Visitor centre show 3 times in 2003 although no dates are known. The Club will have tables at the Croydon and Manchester events.


The practice of “sniping” is making tracking of final prices more difficult.

Supply of many once-sought-after cards now seems to exceed demand and the sheer number of items on offer makes searching difficult outside of very restricted criteria. So I have focused on a few cards outside of the normal run which have either been tracked on their way to a possible high price, or are just different and three such are pictured below.

Three out-of-the ordinary cards on the Web. This propaganda card from Japanese occupied Korea apparently commemorates a purchase of an Air Force plane by popular subscription. The card sold for $180 (£117).

The DELAG Zeppelin at Baden-Baden/-Oos is postmarked 1910, which makes it LZ6, which commenced operations there on 21 Aug but was burnt in this hangar in September. This one was still on auction at print time.

South America always seems to be popular but this card from Peru is from an earlier period than most. The title translates as Peruvian Aviator Bielovucich Flying at the Lima Racecourse. Finally it sold for $110 (£72).